Kracaribuus started life as a very different project, way back in 1997. Back then, in the midst of the CoolBritannia era, a friend and myself believed we could become the rock stars of literature. We wrote (around 80% complete) a novel, part of which was based in the mysterious land of Kracaribuus. As these things do, the dream fizzled out.

In 2017, I resurrected Kracaribuus as a comic. A world with limited resources, struggling to keep it’s people alive. It felt like a perfect microcosm of our own world and the struggles we face. I decided to use Kracaribuus to explore questions of freedom and limitations. How do they co-exist when resources are limited? Should population be controlled? Can we maintain freedom of movement? Freedom of choice?

Below you can explore some of the early art by Louise Richards. Meet the characters, explore the world and prepare yourself for the future release of Kracaribuus!

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