Homo-Vampyrus were the most deadly humans ever to evolve. Stronger and faster than their hominid cousins, they quickly became the dominant species amongst the great apes. They feasted upon their relatives with no remorse, hunting Homo-Sapiens to near extinction.

HERD tells the story of this time. When starvation and disease ravages Vampyrus society. When charismatic leaders present radical solutions. When a single band of Sapiens refuse to be a herd and instead become a tribe.

Project description

HERD is written by Geoff Richards and drawn by Peter Habjan. The two have come together to produce a traditional fantasy adventure comic, full of brutality but driven strong characters and a thoughtful storyline.

Issue #1 was successfully Kickstarted in October and features John Charles on colours, with Rob Jones providing the letters. It is now available for purchase in the online store.