Herd is a fantasy comic telling the story of Vampires and Humans living together in the Stone Age. Following years of plenty, over hunting has left the Vampyrus starving. A cruel affliction nicknamed “The Crumbling” is spreading through the clans. Purtian is a charismatic Vampyrus of the highest bloodline, ancient and with powerful influence. He has a radical plan for survival, but how will the many Vampyrus rulers respond to his plans for reformation?

Sapien tribes are struggling to survive and their species face extinction. It is a time for strong leaders and there is a growing feeling that change lies ahead. A sense that better times are possible. Oni is the matriarch of a small Sapiens tribe, with a cautious approach to change. Can she lead her people to safety? Is she capable of even more?

The first issue of The Herd will be launching in March 2019. We hope you will join us on our adventure and explore our stone-age world, inhabited by Humans and Vampires.

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